A little sneak peek

Saturday, 12 January, 2019

We have a little sneak peek for you. We are working night and day on a redesign of Tom's Planner. We want to freshen things up. The look and feel of Tom's Planner is getting a bit outdated, we feel, so a redesign is due.

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Code update and hiding your legend

Saturday, 21 July, 2018

We just updated Tom's Planner. The changes are mainly under the hood. We fixed some small bugs and made quite a few changes leading up to the ability to choose custom colors in Tom's Planner for your time blocks and group headers.

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New feature: dependencies

Friday, 09 June, 2017

As of today you can add automatically updating dependencies to your Gantt chart. In Tom’s Planner it’s pretty easy to keep your chart up to date with changes in your project manually. But when your project get’s larger and more complicated it might be a good idea to link tasks to each other so that if you move one task the dependent tasks will move automatically as well.

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We made it a bit easier to invite others to collaborate.

Monday, 12 December, 2016

As of today you can share your chart with others by simply entering the the email addresses of the persons you would like to invite to collaborate on your chart. Tom's Planner does the rest for you. It will send the emails to the others and provide them with instructions on how to accept your invitation. You can invite up to 50 persons at a time.

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New icon set and color picker

Friday, 04 November, 2016

We have freshened things up a bit. The icon set and color picker in the tool have both been updated. The icons are the same but they look much more current en fresh. The new color picker contains fewer colors but they are much clearer and distinctive.

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Where did my legend go?

Thursday, 05 May, 2016

It's fairly easy to hide a legend of a Gantt chart in Tom's Planner. Just right click the legend and then click on the 'hide legend' option in the menu that appeared. Getting the legend back is a lot harder. So what if you hid it by accident?

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Improved search & filtering

Thursday, 11 February, 2016

In Tom's Planner you can apply filters to your Gantt charts allowing you to, for instance, only see activities in a certain time period, with a certain color or with a specific name. This is super usefull if you, for instance, want to check which tasks are assigned to Pete or if you want to see all tasks that are scheduled for today.

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Set the first day of the week

Monday, 08 February, 2016

Different countries have different 'first days of the week'. In Europe the first day of the week is Monday, in the US and Japan it's Sunday and in some middle eastern countries it's Saturday. As of today you can set the first day of the week in your Gantt chart yourself. Just click the 'settings & plugins' button in the top toolbar and change the 'first day of the week' setting.

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New Feature: scroll to any activity in your chart

Thursday, 14 January, 2016

As of today you can scroll to any activity in your Gantt chart with just one simple mouse click. When a row in your chart contains a symbol or period and you hover, with your mouse, over the row a button will apear just left of the grid with two arrows on it. Click the double arrow button and your chart will automaticaly scroll to the period or symbol in the row.

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No more pop-ups and easier bookmarking!

Thursday, 07 January, 2016

Up until today, when you clicked the login button on the home page, the tool would open in a seperate pop-up window. We have changed that. From now on, when you click the log-in button, a new page will be loaded containing the tool. This is much more like you would expect it to work and allows you to much easier boomark your Gantt charts.

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